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Avengers Marvel Falcon’s Redwing Flyer


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Ready, set, fly! With Marvel’s Falcon Redwing Flyer gauntlet, kids can send the Redwing Flyer into action with just the push of a button! Load the Flyer into the launching mechanism, press the button, and watch it fly! Heroes-in-training can simply strap the gauntlet onto their wrists and get ready to send their flyer into the action--with a bit of imagination, they'll soon be joining the fight to save humanity with the power of Falcon and the Redwing drone on their side! Copyright 2016 Marvel. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Imagine joining the battle to save humanity like Marvel’s Falcon
  • Launch Redwing Flyer by loading flyer and pressing button
  • Gauntlet straps onto wrist for stable firing action
  • Includes 1 gauntlet and flyer