ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star Glasses Set of 4 –

ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star Glasses Set of 4

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THE ULTIMATE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE Set of four 10-ounce glasses Each one depicts a layer of the Death Star Line them up and, hey - that's no moon! It cannot have simply been the "technological terror" aspect of the Death Star that made it the ultimate power in the universe. Sure, fear will keep the populace in line, but the Empire didn't simply destroy a planet every time they needed to get things done. Palpatine was quite adept as a politician in order to gain his power, and always knew the value of a face-to-face meeting to accomplish a little diplomacy. When threatening to take out a peaceful planet isn't the way to go, try entertaining instead! Invite your opponent to sit down and offer them a drink of something from their home planet to make them comfortable. You won't even have to remind them what this fully-functional battle station they're sitting in is capable of, because the print on their glass will remind them as they sip and talk with you. Surely, they'll come around to your way of thinking, if they don't want to see just what this station can do. Product Specifications Star Wars Death Star Glasses Set of 4 Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise A ThinkGeek exclusive Set of four glasses, each depicting a "layer" of the Death Star Sparkly holographic print Perfect gift for the operator of a fully-functional battle station who likes to entertain Capacity: 10 oz. (each) Materials: Glass Care Instructions: Hand wash only Imported